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Good Morning

Good day BLOOMers,

Its another day to Love yourself!! I’m hoping you are taking care of you like never before.  If you are a new follower, welcome, be prepared to start being your own favorite person.

Think about how you started your day on this awesome day….. Screenshot_20190320-092839

When you first woke up, did you lay there and try to think of an excuse to not go to work today….or did you take that quiet time to breath….deep breaths in and out as you quieted your mind.

What did you tell yourself as you rolled out of bed; if you are anything like me, your said “its only Tuesday”,  right?  Tuesdays have their good points….they aren’t Mondays and you get to enjoy this wonderful blog post.  Think of the stuff you GET to do today.

Did you look in the mirror first thing and say good stuff to your cute self….even if all it is  is good morning.  You don’t have to be like me and have a whole beautiful conversation with yourself, but try not to let the first person you say Good Morning  to be your co-workers.  Say it to yourself first, then your family.

Did you eat something healthy or drink a cup of water?  Water, first thing in the morning, for me, took some getting use too, but after reading the health benefits I muscled through.

As you left your house, was your commute your own little private concert of feel good music?   However you commute, put those earbuds in and enjoy.  Smile and sing along, hit that note like nobody is listening.

The rest of your day may be busy with work, family, errands, phone calls and emails, but if you can start the day by putting yourself in the best mood possible, you are already that much ahead.



#BossLADY out.

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Feel Good

Hey everybody.  I just want to start by saying I hope today is one of the best days for you.  I hope you have a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

(Disney character)


I love when I am doing research for my blog and I get to share fun, doable, information with you.

I’ve been doing all of these things, and can happily say I do feel better.

Start each day by telling yourself something really positive. How well you handled a situation, how lovely you look today. Anything that will make you smile.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, with bed hair, and said……”girl, you are one beautiful bosslady” 🙂  ……..

Fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive.

Water….Water…and more water.  I don’t like water…ugh…but my body does.  I can actually see the difference in my skin and feel the difference in my body now that I have added 32 ounces of water to my day.

Move that gorgeous body of yours every single day and learn to love the skin you’re in. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.

I use to say…”I walk enough at work” now I  walk a mile a week…not much but so much better than nothing.

End all toxic relationships. Seriously. Anyone who makes you feel anything less than amazing doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

This is a very hard thing to do.  But if being around someone doesn’t make you feel the way you want to feel….are they absolutely necessary in your life?

Take time out to calm your mind every day. Breathe in and out, clear your mind of your thoughts and just be.

My BLOOMers know I love yoga….my once a week class is phenomenal and I take a few of the breathing techniques and practice at work and at home.

Have fun! Get out there and do the things that light your fire. Enjoy them, enjoy being you and enjoy your incredible life.

This one is self explanatory….get out there and live your best life!!


I hope you incorporate these practices into your day and please share, in the comments, what helped you and if you have a self care tip to share, its always welcomed.

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#bossLady OUT!


Self Love feels like…


*Promise to set aside some time for yourself daily.💜

* “I’m an amazing person and I deserve to be good to myself”💜

*I forgive myself and will move forward💜

* Set boundaries…simple say NO.💜

*Exercise, eat well and live good💜

* Protect your peace of mind💜

This is what it may look like….now imagine how good it must feel.

August the 8 calendar month….the month of new. Start your routine of loving and taking care of yourself this month.

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#BossLady out!