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A day for a new start

The first Sunday of the new year…what a perfect day to start anew. I’ve asked the question on other blog post and I will ask again …What are you doing today that helps move you towards the life you want?

Small changes toward the lifestyle goals you want is a perfect example. You don’t need to much a lot of noise to make changes……and yes cheer yourself on. Be proud of yourself for moving forward…no matter how small the step


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Two minute intro

Growth is required if you want something new. Step outside of your comfort zone and turn your face towards the sun, and bloom.

Sometimes the first two minutes of a conversation or presentation is all you have, most times it’s all you need.

Keep moving forward. Lean into the curves. Wear the new outfit. Drink the water. When you get your chance to shoot your shot, step out and go for it!


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Moving forward

omg!!! So we made it to the end of the year 2020…in spite of all the drama and craziness of the year, here we are…

I can say for myself, I’m praying and preparing for a better 2021.

I put together my I WILL” list for the upcoming year…i shared some of it below….

I WILL let those I love know it, I WILL express gratitude for even the little things, I WILL be more giving, I WILL grow in my spiritual life, I WILL do the work that leads to the lifestyle I want.

I WILL share more of the things I enjoy.

What will you do to bring a positive outlook to your 2021?

Share your thoughts in the comments…remember to like and share the blooming with everyone πŸ’œ


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Get ready for a wonderful week

Tonight, wind down, soak in the bubbles, drink some hot tea, light some candles…and enjoy your night…..so that tomorrow you can…

candle by Carnesia Scott

…..wake up early, meditate, drink water, exercise, eat a good breakfast and handle what ever comes your way.

Set the tone for a goal crushing week….mindset is everything πŸ’œ

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