Its the bleepin’ weekend

The weekend is the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate. If any of these feelings are yours today take the time to help yourself feel better.



We all need time to take care of ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend!

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bossLady OUT!!


Summer is coming…

The newness of spring is wonderful.  The new flowers blooming, the new calves showing up in the pasture, the smell of fresh cut grass; I could go on.  For me, spring means summer is near and school will be out and I will have time to pursue my passion for reading and writing on a full time basis.

One of my favorite places, in this world, is sitting in my backyard on an early summer morning.  It just seems like my  thoughts and ideas are fresh and running rampant then, and I love that feeling. This summer I plan on spilling a lot of my ideas and thoughts on to paper…hmmmmmm.  Stay tuned!!!


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BossLady Out…


Important to you!!

What did you do this past weekend to take care of your self and show yourself some love?

Did you chisel out  some time for yourself to relax or do something just for you, that you enjoy.

I want everyone who reads my blog to understand how important it is to take care of yourself.



Let me ask you a few questions.

*Why do you get maintenance on your car? oil change? new tires?

Answer… it will run properly to take you and your family where you need to go.

*Why do you wash your clothes on delicate cycle?

Answer: because you take care of your clothes so they will look good when you wear them.

*Last question… Aren’t you more important than an automobile, or an article of clothing.

Answer: YES YOU ARE!


#bossLady Out!



I put together this list of helpful ideas on days when you need to take the time to do something for you…..remember you should be doing something for you everyday.



This should be you motto for everyday.


Every day is not going to go as planned or anywhere close to perfect.  But how you take care of yourself will make a difference in how you handle your day.

Remember to keep BLOOMing!!

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Until next time

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