Kindness and Happiness

–Ilanya Vanzant


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A meaningful quoteπŸ’œ

Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity.

An except from Atomic Habits by James Clear.


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It’s only life

Life has a way of gut punching you when you least expect it.

I’ve had the air knocked out of me for the last few weeks and to be completely honest, I’m a better person because of it. I won’t share any specific topics of my sucker punches, just know the hits were low and hard. Had it not been for my ability to admit defeat and vow to rebuild, I would probably not be writing this right now.

Things are always going to happen that hurt us mentally, physically or emotionally, but the way we respond to the hurt is what separates the cubs from the lions. I, my friend, am a lion…a LIONESS to be more accurate. I am so glad I have a self care routine in place…and a few valued friends that were there for me in my time of craziness.

My encouragement for you today, is to take care of yourself, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Do things that self comfort, like bubble baths and relaxing but do the hard stuff too. Know your limits, and set boundaries, and make them perfectly clear so no one and nothing crosses them. Say no when you need to..and mean it! Most importantly….be completely confident in knowing that you are worthy and you deserve good in your life. Change is tough…but so are you.

Weekend vibes

Welcome to BossladyBLOOMS…the personal blog of me, the Bosslady herself, as I bloom into my most authentic self. I hope the same for all of you. Being one hundred percent who you are is the best thing you can do for yourself and all those around you.

If you agree, one of the most important things you can do is to take care of yourself. That means rest when you’re tired, ask for help when you needed and set personal boundaries to protect you.

In addition to this list above…I personally added “do what makes you happy”. I got to do a lot of what makes me happy over the past weekend….I was invited to a new wine bar that’s only an hour away from my house. It was such a fun playful moment. In addition to eating some of the BEST wings I’ve ever had, I sipped some of the best Pinot noir…. delicious πŸ’œ. I also sang back up (really but not really) to Missy Elliott, one of my all time favorite artist. I have an absolutely horrible singing voice but it was loud and silly all night.

cool dj in the background 😎

Next, on my quest for positive weekend vibes, I spent several hours at a craft vendor event with my sweet friend as she hosted a booth of her beautiful creations. I saw gorgeous jewelry, which I couldn’t help but buy a set, and tons of hand crafted original items.

Hand crafted cloth cross

Lastly, as I weekend vibe on, I was invited to watch the Olympic games at a pizza party. Ok…I have to admit, pizza made with a cauliflower crust is not my thing.

What did you do that made you happy this weekend? Did you sing along with your favorite singer? Did you taste a food that you never want to taste again?

Whatever you did this weekend, or whatever you do today…do something you love to do…and do a lot of it. Smile more, laugh alot and love even more.

Wishing all of you only the very best life has to offer πŸ’œ

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Please bear with me as we get all the kinks worked out.

Meanwhile, keep blooming and growing πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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Coloring books and wine.

As most of you may already know, I stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship back in March and since then, I feel like there is no off switch in the amount of things to do in a new small business.

I’m excited about how well and how fast RBT ONLINE TUTORING is growing, but I, however, am always looking for ways to recharge and take care of myself. I love crafting, creating clothespin wreaths and printed pillows are definitely my thing, but now I find such little time to do that, not to mention most of my supplies are still in storage. I invited a few friends over not to long ago and we ended up on my back porch drinking wine and, of all things…coloring in a coloring book. It was so much fun…so I kept doing it…so I wanted to share with you my newest wind down creation in my adult coloring book…..

Hand coloured

Do you like to color as an adult? Did you like coloring as a child? What is a unique activity that you do in order to relax?

Share your answers in the comments.

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Positive feedback

I love what I do. I came back from my trip to find this review. It feels amazing to be able to help other people who seriously want to learn about the ABA field and start a career.

Actual review

Doing what you love, working hard and rest and relax when you need to…Self love …Self care πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Let us know what career you’re in. Is it your dream job? How to you relax after work?

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ABA anywhere

I took a few days off this week to enjoy some R and R, and a little fun, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

While there, I found a few new places that I know I will visit again; the San Antonio Art Museum is one and the Japanese tea garden is another. Both places had extraordinarily beautiful exhibits, not to mention the whole zen vibe.

Waterfall in the tea garden

Although I was in San Antonio to take a break from working, I discovered one other thing I love about ABA; its that its techniques can be used anywhere. In the photo below, I, unknowing, was a 3D model prompt.

Me,atop a rock wall in the bamboo forest

The lady at the bottom of the rock wall, whom I later found out to be an RBT, was giving the instruction(SD), “like her” to a few younger people in her group. Turns out, the younger people were students from a local ABA center, there on a field trip. The young lady was encouraging the students to climb up so she could take their pictures. They all seemed eager but hesitant at the same time. As I slowly climbed down, holding the rocks and cautiously stepped down I heard the lady say again, “like her”. As I reached bottom, two students were ready to climb up. She thanked me and that’s when I found out who she and her students were and I was able to introduce myself, as an RBT tutor and BCBA trainee. We talked for a few before I continue on with my tour.

San Antonio Texas USA Japanese tea garden

The entire garden was absolutely beautiful. From the peaceful water falls to the colorful array of flowers. If you ever visit San Antonio Texas, be sure to stop by.

What did you do this weekend to recharge? What’s a new place that you have visited lately? Do you ever unexpectedly meet people in your same career field in odd places?

Let us know in the comments. Please like and share

Make sure you are resting and treating yourself good this summer. Read a few good books and try a new food.

Personal Challenge: my personal challenge for this summer is to randomly speak kind words to a stranger and to try something new once a week..

Let us know what your summer personal Challenge is.

until next time….#bossLady out

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Empty nest and tired feet.

I woke up this morning in San Antonio, Texas. My legs still tired from all the walking in a surprise trip to Sea World. Although the entire park is not completely open and operating, I had a fabulous time. I was even brave enough to get on two water rides, one that dropped me straight down into a pool of ice cold water …..I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared or screamed so loud in my entire life….it was so much fun.

As we walked through the park we noticed a duck. The duck was flapping it’s wings and making a loud screeching sound, it was standing on a ledge above the pond where all the other birds, including two beautiful flamingos, were. As people walked by, I noticed that the duck got louder with the screeching when anyone got to a certain spot on the sidewalk. As I got closer to the spot, I saw two extremely small, baby ducks, (ducklings), were playfully, waddling and pecking below. The larger duck, was a parent. She was making the loud noise and flapping her wings at people as they got too close, as a way to protect her babies.

In the pond, there were some medium sized ducks among other species of fowl, and as I watched, for over ten minutes, the parent duck would often glance back at the other ducks in the pond, but her main focus was on the two small, younger ducks on the ground.

As a parent of a recent high school graduate, I could relate to the parent duck. She protected and made a fuss over her babies, as they adventured out among the people. When my sons were younger, I was just like that duck, making noise and flapping, doing all I could to protect them. Keeping a close watch on the things and people around them as there learned to navigate the world.

As I said earlier, there were also a few medium sized ducks in the pond behind the large duck. They were swimming among the other ducks and birds, dipping their heads underwater, even paddling up to take food from people’s hands. The parent duck glanced back often to check on them, but she allowed them to roam, and explore. My sons are older now, and like the medium sized ducks, I am allowing them to roam, to live and make lives for themselves; but I’m still here, glancing at, loving and caring for them as they do.

I’ve decided that my new role, as an empty nester, is to roam a little more. To learn a little more about myself, who I am and what makes me happy. And as I glace back, and learn to be a parent of adults, I will move forward and learn to be me.

Side note–As we were leaving the park we passed the pond, the ducklings were returned to the pond, swimming closely to their parent, and I’m sure for the parent duck, all was right with the world.

Are you an empty nester? Are you starting a new role in your life?

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