A Piece of Peace


Peace is a difficult word for me.  I’ve never really understood the meaning of the word.  I’ve prayed and asked for it so many times, but I’ve never known exactly what it looks like.  Is peace the same as being happy? Is peace the everything is going well, no disappointment, no anger kind of feeling?  I sometimes think of peace as a overwhelming calm, like those pictures of monks at prayer time, or people meditating or doing yoga.  Is peace that calm, still, quite place? I always pray for peace for my children and in a sense, I hope peace is all of those things for them.  I hope peace is their happiness, with no disappointments and no anger. I hope peace for them is that overwhelming sense of calm and I hope that Peace never leaves them.  On Saturday, I will attend my first cousin’s son’s funeral.  I have no words for a mother who loses a child, but I pray for her every ounce of peace, and I pray that for her, peace is ALL of those things.

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Author: bossLadyBLOOMS

BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

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