I walked into the living room yesterday and noticed my youngest son watching a cartoon that had several cuss words in it.  I did a double take as I grabbed the remote to changed it.  He didn’t say a word, yet I felt the need to explain my actions.  “I don’t want you watching shows with that sort of language.”  Later that night I was having a phone discussion with another adult and lo and behold, I used a couple of cuss words.  To my dismay, who was standing in the kitchen listening to every word, my son.  Did he hear me when I loudly told him, this sort of language was unacceptable, or did he hear me louder when I used the same kind of words.

#BeCarefulGrownUpsWhatYouSay  (sung to the tune of “Be careful little eyes”)


Author: bossLadyBLOOM

Gardening and growing healthy fruit trees is a hobby turned business venture. Ive always loved growing flowering plants and fruit trees. I enjoy incorporation my flowers into my crafts.

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