Family Plan B

Does your home have a plan B.  If things were out of the ordinary, would your children know what to do.  Could they catch the school bus or are they comfortable with riding with someone else  to school if you couldn’t take them? What about lunches, can your kids prepare their own lunches, what about dinner? Could your children entertain themselves for a while if there was adult visitors in your home.  Even younger children should be able to fend for themselves for a few hours if their parent are busy, sick or simply tired.  But best practice is to not wait until the Family plan B is needed,but to put it in place now.  My advice is to teach your children before its needed what they can and need to do in case their parents are “out of pocket” or cant tend to them at that appointed time.  #BeAwesome  #PlanB  sick-mom



Author: bossLadyBLOOMS

BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

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