Shut the door!


My youngest son is becoming an athlete.  Unlike my first and second born, he was never into sports.  My guess would be because he was always being taken to sit through his older brothers’ practices.  He has successful talents in his own right;  one being taking and scoring an 18 on the ACT college entrance exam at age 13, but now sports are become a part of him too.  Two years ago he joined an AAU basketball team.  At that time, simply dribbling down the court was a task he couldn’t master.  But he kept with it despite me opening the door to allow him to walk away from the team.  My baby boy continued to go to every practice and every game.  I could see that he wanted to be good at basketball, so instead of allowing him to quit, I started encouraging and cheering for him.

Last night, two school years later, I watched him play on his school’s eighth grade “A” team.  Not only play but play well, not only dribble but is point guard, the guy who dribbles all the way down the court. Each game, I attend every game, I see him  playing better and better.  Although he is already a good student, during basketball season, I’ve noticed that he gives his grades and class work a good deal more attention.

I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had kept the door open and allowed him to give up. #keepDRIBBLING  #BeAwesome







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