BFF :)


It was me!!!  I did it!! I wanted to scream it out.  I wanted to tell the truth.  I had to let my best friend know that it was me who had hurt her, I caused her to be so sad.  But I didn’t…I sat there like a big ole chicken and watched as my best friend, since first grade, cried her eyes out.  I wished my mom was here.  She could help me out of this big mess that I had gotten myself into.  But mom would have stopped me before I even thought about doing this horrible thing.

I didn’t know  how I would fix it, but I would, I would make things right and make my friend feel better.

OK!…… I going to do it.  I’m going to confess that it was me who took Katy’s “welcome to third grade” pencil.



Author: bossLadyBLOOM

Gardening and growing healthy fruit trees is a hobby turned business venture. Ive always loved growing flowering plants and fruit trees. I enjoy incorporation my flowers into my crafts.

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