Routine or rut??


Happy Monday. Here’s to a wonderful week. Last time, we talked about making Mondays a day to express your gratitude for whatever you are thankful for, be it big or small.  Did you think about it this Monday morning?  I’ve read somewhere, and I cant quite remember where, that it takes at least 28 day to form or break a habit.

What about a routine?  I have a routine that helps me express my gratitude;  I brush my teeth every morning, as I’m sure you do as well; I know that its something I’m going to do every morning no matter what, so I have incorporated saying the Lord’s Prayer while I’m brushing my teeth.  Tying those two things together have become a routine for me and ensured me that I will do both every day.

To remind my pre kindergarten students to wash their hands before lunch, I encouraged them to recite the “God is great” lunch time prayer as they did so.  This duo became routine for them, and added more time for the actual act of eating, but gave each child a chance to express gratitude as well.

What is your morning routine?  What two activities can you tie together to practice being grateful?

Although it hasn’t become as routine as I’d like, I enjoy lighting candles and soaking in a warm bubble bath.  Include a candle  lit bath to your routine with these handcrafted votive candle holders; each can be custom colored to accompany your bathroom decor.

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