FRIENDS..(sing it with me)

Today, as the  Grateful Monday series continues, I want to express gratitude for my friends.

The amount of friends in my life, as well as the definition of friend, has changed as my life changed.  In elementary school, I called the kids I played with during recess my friends; in high school, friends were the people I had classes with, hung out with, or we were on the same sports team.

As an adult, to me, the quality of good friends out weigh the number of friends by a long shot!!                    Screenshot_20180423-100453                                                             (Friend for 14 years!!)

I recently found out that a friend of mine, since 4th grade, and I have so much in common its scary.  But I think that’s why we have been friends for so long, no matter the time that passed or the distance between us.IMG_20180416_104800144                                                            (Friends since 4th grade)

In my opinion, a good friend is someone you can trust, someone you can share conversations with, take an unplanned road trip with, or do absolutely nothing  or everything with.  Friends support each other. Friends enrich your life.


Screenshot_20180423-100748.png                                                                (friends for 7 years)

A famous person once said, “If you have a few good friends, you are rich indeed”;  if this is true I am filthy rich!!:

Screenshot_20180325-020340                                                                 (friends for 4 years)

#bossLady out 🙂




Author: bossLadyBLOOM

Gardening and growing healthy fruit trees is a hobby turned business venture. Ive always loved growing flowering plants and fruit trees. I enjoy incorporation my flowers into my crafts.

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