Day six

So my work/play getaway is coming up and I have to admit I’m very excited.  This thing where I enjoy my life is so new to me but omg…I’m loving it. I love taking care of myself and I really enjoy putting myself first in my own life. That has not always been the case.

Only a few short years ago, Ipassed out at work and was admitted into the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration.  I worked two jobs and am my children’s only active parent. I worked a lot and spent the rest of my time running my household and taking care of my boys.  I never missed a game, a practice, an assembly or a school extracurricular activity.  I was supporting my kids.  I made it a point to check on all of my siblings and make sure they were not overwhelmed emotionally due to the passing of my mother.  I was doing everything for everybody except myself.


That second, of six days, in the hospital, I spent in tears worrying about all the things I needed to be doing instead of laying here in this hospital bed.  By day three, I was a wreak, although I was on fluids and meds, I didn’t seem to be getting any better;  finally, I was told, in a very bold, and at the time I felt very RUDE way, that is I didn’t make some changes and start taking care of myself, I would be dead in a few years! What?!! How dare she!!!! Me, dead?? Who would take care of my family, my students, my life?? I couldn’t die!! I didn’t have time!!

It was that day I stopped crying, put down the phone, the laptop and the notebook and pen ( yes I had all those things brought to me in the hospital)and I slept.  I can not remember day four and the morning of day five, but when I did awake I felt  amazing.  I wasn’t tired, didn’t have a head ache, tummy ache or back ache, all which I had days prior.  I felt good.


From that day on, I knew I wanted to take care of myself.  I knew I loved myself, but wasn’t treating myself like I did. I made changes on my job; started taking a lunch break, doing ONLY my job and what was required of me. I finally looked at my sons and noticed that they were not children anymore.  They had their own lives.  I discovered that nothing fell apart because if didn’t do it. Doing things different didn’t happen over night, and at first there was plenty of guilt with it. In fact even today,  I have to remind myself that if I don.t take care of me, I cant take care of others.  I learned the hard way.

Please don’t wait until you are in the hospital before you begin taking care of yourself. Take a few minuets each day for yourself; do things you enjoy, and relax and rest. IMG_20170623_142744

Love you!

#bossLady out!



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BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

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