Dr. Visit

It is easy to put off a doctor or dentist appointment because we get too busy doing other things, but this is very important to your well being and a crucial part of self care.  Taking care of your body means loving yourself as a person.


Today I encourage everyone to get a health check up. Go get the ‘well woman’ exam, men; get the prostate check up.  Do this for yourself!  Visit a dentist, even is nothing is hurting or wrong. Proper oral hygiene is a must.

Practice preventive measures to stay healthy.  Don’t wait until you are sick to start taking care of your body.  Its a lot easier to do when you feel good.

IMG_20180904_152807740 (1)

#bossLady out!

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Author: bossLadyBLOOM

Gardening and growing healthy fruit trees is a hobby turned business venture. Ive always loved growing flowering plants and fruit trees. I enjoy incorporation my flowers into my crafts.

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