What about the water?

This is a video of a beautiful beach in Fiji.  Its my screen saver at work and any time I need a little escape I put in my earphones and listen to the waves and watch the beautiful water.

Its no secret that the beach is one of my favorite places to visit.  To me, the sight and sounds of the waves are so relaxing.  Just looking out over the water gives me a sense of peace and relaxation.  Do you have a place like that, that brings you a peaceful feeling.

This next picture is on the pier in Palacios, Texas, USA.  I was there this past weekend to research a self care event.  The water was a little choppy with an over cast sky, but that did not stop me from taking in the sounds and salty smell of the water.



Next, is the blue/green waters of Beasley Beach in Destin Florida, USA.  I had a chance to spend four wonderful days in Florida in Summer 2017.  It was amazing.  Northwest Florida is also referred to as the Emerald Coast.  Its not difficult to see why.



Below is part of the many miles of beach in Galveston, TX, USA.  The water is more grey in color than in Florida but its a beautiful beach all the same.  I visited here in May 2018.



Lastly, this is St Petersburg, Florida USA.  This picture was taken by a friend who gets to call Florida home.  What an amazing view.



I love to travel; and beaches are my favorite destinations.  This wasn’t always true.  At one point in my life I actually feared these beautiful places because I did not know how to swim.  I do, however, enjoy playing in the waves, walking in the sand and soaking in the sun.  I’m not about to let a little thing like swimming, or not knowing how, stop me.

Take care of you this weekend.  If you are able find a beach and enjoy it.  What’s your favorite body of water?  Beach (ocean), lake, creek, pond….or pool.  Let us know in the comments.

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Until next time….

bossLady Out!



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