Relax your mind

One of my biggest obstacles in my self care journey, is to calm and quiet my mind.  I think about everything, all the time.  Although, I have worked hard on choosing to think positive thoughts, turning my mind to quiet is still a challenge for me.

As most of you who follow me know, I attend a  yoga class, once a week.

Before I began taking the classes, I did a lot of research on it;  how it effects the body, was it a religious practice and what are the negative effects of yoga, if any.  During my reading, I discovered yoga and meditation go hand and hand.  Meditation is the mental part of yoga that deals with relaxing the mind and concentration.  BINGO!!!

Relaxing my mind is just the self care technique I need.  I had been going to yoga mostly for the physical benefits, now, I work more on the mental part of it as well.  I try to concentrate on my breathing, making each breath deeper, holding it longer.  I’m learning to allow my eyes to focus on one still  (unmoving) object in order to keep my balance physically.

I still have a long way to go, it seems, before I call the meditation technique mastered, but at least I have a good start.

Below I’ve added a few tips for you to use if you need help, like I do, in calming and quieting your mind.


Let us know, in the comments, how your self care journey is going.

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