Grateful for change.

Another Saturday morning and I’m lying in the bed feeling grateful for so many things that are happening in my life right now; personally, spiritually, financially, socially. Personally, I am very excited to be moving into my new home, built from the ground up, with the floorplan I got to choose, I’m very excited about that. Something I never thought I would be able to do and here it is tangible, manifested. I’m so grateful for that.

Spiritually, I’m so grateful for learning to meditate, learning to enjoy the quiet, enjoy the stillness of my mind. I’m excited to, hopefully soon, get back to taking my yoga class. I’m also grateful for the new discovery of books that have helped me become stronger in my prayer life.

When I say that I’m grateful for the way things are happening in my life financially, it’s not because I came into a lot of money or won the lottery or got some new executive position on my job… when I say I’m grateful financially it’s because I’m learning to manage my money better. I’m learning to save, to live on a budget; not to live as a miser, but to live within my means and to live good within my means. To enjoy being able to pay bills on time, to buy new things, to go new places. So when I say that I am grateful financially it’s because I am finally able to not worry about money to live within my means happily and peacefully.

I am not a very social person. I don’t like to be in crowds I don’t like to deal with a lot of people. I find peace in solitude, I find peace in going places by myself but because of my children, I’ve always supported them in their sports, supported them in their academics, supported them and their drama classes and things that they were interested in. But now that two of my three sons are adults and one graduates high school in a few months, I have started to isolate myself. Well by doing this, I learned that it’s hard to be a helpful person, it’s hard to be a giving person if you don’t interact with people. So I am grateful with the decision that I’ve made to be more social and be more open to meeting new people and helping more people.

I’m grateful for the change of seasons. Last week it was almost 100 degrees at this same time, this morning I wake up to a breezy 79. That’s a big deal for us in south Texas. Fall is my favorite season.

I love being able to wear sweatshirts and boots and scarves as the weather gets cooler.

I know we have talked about gratitude alot…and although it’s not this week’s prompt it’s always great to reflect on the things we are grateful for…it usually puts a smile on your face 💜

Until next time…

#bossLady Out!

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