Easter mini vacay(cont)

Going down to the Concho river was alot of fun, cold, but fun. Most everyone there was dressed in shorts, tshirts and flip flops….I, however, was freezing. I only took my jacket off to stick my toe in the water and to take a few pictures.

I probably look cold…lol..but it was fun.

The “make out” bench

I sat on here before I knew the name…and truth be told…I didn’t get one kiss…lol…

my Grandpuppy loved being at the river, he peed and pooped on everything 😊

The river was amazingly calm at one point and all I could think of was some giant sea creature would jump up and swallow me whole. But that didn’t happen.

So I survived the river tour, and didn’t get eaten by a river monster…but I did have alot of laughs and a real good time…glad I brought my jacket.

Have you ever swam in a river? Have you ever made out on a park bench? Have you ever been attacked by a river creature?

Share your story in the comments.

Until next time…..

BossLady out!

#Concho #River #seaCreature #kisses #riverMonster #easter #GrandPuppy #swim #cold


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