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I took a few days off this week to enjoy some R and R, and a little fun, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

While there, I found a few new places that I know I will visit again; the San Antonio Art Museum is one and the Japanese tea garden is another. Both places had extraordinarily beautiful exhibits, not to mention the whole zen vibe.

Waterfall in the tea garden

Although I was in San Antonio to take a break from working, I discovered one other thing I love about ABA; its that its techniques can be used anywhere. In the photo below, I, unknowing, was a 3D model prompt.

Me,atop a rock wall in the bamboo forest

The lady at the bottom of the rock wall, whom I later found out to be an RBT, was giving the instruction(SD), “like her” to a few younger people in her group. Turns out, the younger people were students from a local ABA center, there on a field trip. The young lady was encouraging the students to climb up so she could take their pictures. They all seemed eager but hesitant at the same time. As I slowly climbed down, holding the rocks and cautiously stepped down I heard the lady say again, “like her”. As I reached bottom, two students were ready to climb up. She thanked me and that’s when I found out who she and her students were and I was able to introduce myself, as an RBT tutor and BCBA trainee. We talked for a few before I continue on with my tour.

San Antonio Texas USA Japanese tea garden

The entire garden was absolutely beautiful. From the peaceful water falls to the colorful array of flowers. If you ever visit San Antonio Texas, be sure to stop by.

What did you do this weekend to recharge? What’s a new place that you have visited lately? Do you ever unexpectedly meet people in your same career field in odd places?

Let us know in the comments. Please like and share

Make sure you are resting and treating yourself good this summer. Read a few good books and try a new food.

Personal Challenge: my personal challenge for this summer is to randomly speak kind words to a stranger and to try something new once a week..

Let us know what your summer personal Challenge is.

until next time….#bossLady out

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