Its the 4th of November…

….and all is calm. Continuing with my gratitude post; today November 4, 2021….I am grateful for my sons. They are my motivation as well as inspiration for all the work I do. They challenged me when they were young, feisty boys, but as young men they make me proud.

Youngest son

I remember, as children when they would say all the different things they wanted to be when they grew up, my prayer was always; If they just become good Christian men, I will be more than satisfied. They have more than surpassed that prayer.

Middle son

I have always believe that God picked the best three boys he had and gave me the duty of being their mother. It was a lot easier for me when they were children and under they same roof as me, but as life on this planet goes…they grow up and leave home to make lives of their own.

Oldest son in the middle..he hates taking pictures

As of today, November 4th, I can say im grateful to have three happy, healthy and hardworking young men; a United States Airman, a licensed personal trainer/certified physical therapist(may 2022) and a college student/landscaper. I am grateful that God blessed me to be their mother.

What are you grateful/thankful for?

Continue to embrace the people you are grateful for. I am so incredible grateful for all of you who read, follow and like.

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Until next time…..

bossLady out.

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