The 9th of November

Today, I am thankful for books. I became an active reader, probably around the age of 6 or 7. To me books were fun. I remember going to the library at school and just wanting to stay there all day. As I got older reading for school was ok, but reading for fun was even better.

just some books

As an adult, books have become even more fun as well as helpful. I do a lot of research, I read simply to make myself aware of different topics and of course, I add reading a good book to my self care routine.

On my kindle right now, is the book “Relatable” by Rachel DeAlto which I found by chance when I saw her on a morning talk show. I am also currently reading “Lies, Damned Lies and Marketing” by the expert in marketing Atul V. Minocha.

Both books are excellent and even though both books started on my research and educate myself list, they have both moved up to my reading for fun list.

What are you reading these days? do you read for fun,….for relaxing? Are you grateful for books.

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Thanks for following me and being a part of my journey.

Until next time…..(tomorrow) BossLady Out

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12 thoughts on “The 9th of November”

  1. I too love reading for fun and honestly started much later than you as I started reading for fun in my 20’s. I am actually searching for a new book as I need a new one 😉


  2. I read for fun and to relax. I have never been more grateful for books than today. It is one of the things that keep me sane as it allows me to make a little “escape” from reality whenever I read. Right now, I am reading Atomic Habits.

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