Self Care During the Holiday Season

The excitement and stress of the holiday season can affect everyone, but for people who own and operate small businesses, the stress can be even more monumental.

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But, how do small business owners prepare themselves for the busy shopping season?

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

Get your business prepared long before the holidays start. Most small business owners agree that preparing before the holiday season actually starts helps to alleviate stress in the business but personally as well. Let’s face it, stress in your business, is personal stress, especially when you are operating as all departments in your business.

PREPARATION IS THE KEY Plan BE PREPARED Concept Just Prepare To Perform  Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 82755734.

Something to look forward to

One other way small business owners say that they prepare, for personal self care, is that they plan something to look forward to after the busy holiday season.

Planning a few personal days away from work, to spend with family and friends. “Even just staying home and sleeping in”, says one owner,” is enough to look forward to” in order to make it through the excitement and hustle of the season. Another small business owner admits to planning a vacation, to look forward to. “This vacation plan gives me a mental boost to stay the course”.

I, personally, have planned to take a few days to enjoy the spa after the holidays, just to refocus and recharge.

Spa - The Post Oak

Enjoying the now

With the reality of knowing that small businesses took, and are still enduring, a big financial hit, during the pandemic, quite a few owners tell me that they are just enjoying the excitement and positivity of the now. As people return to pre covid ways, the spending is more in an upward swing then in the past two years. “Just being able to see that we may be in the black, is selfcare enough for me” states one small business owner.

As a small business owner, what are you doing to take care of yourself personally? Do you participate in any of the ways above or is there something else you do to take care of you, during the excitement of this season?

Share your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “Self Care During the Holiday Season”

  1. Fantastic tips! As a small business owner I try to plan time away from work (it’s easy to get wrapped up in it) and so Im trying to still enjoy time with people I care about – away from my computer!

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  2. This a great calm out with great tips. People forget that this is a hard season for lots of people, whether it be business stress, financial strain, family difficulties, or even coping with grief. I’m looking forward to traveling with my husband this Christmas!

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  3. I can so totally relate to this – and appreciate the good advice. I have an online business and also vend at holiday markets and I’m already worn out so much with more to come. This year I was more prepared – and earlier than ever. And still it’s exhausting. Like your recommendation, I’m planning a week off between Christmas and NYE and just keep thinking of those days as my little carrot, so I can approach every day and every customer until then with more joy in my heart.

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  4. Making preparations is so important if you want things to run smoothly. I know it helps me to not feel less stressed when I plan ahead for the holiday season.

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