Goal Setting for business owners

As we come to a close of a challenging 2021, we look forward to business growth with a positive outlook for 2022.

Small business owner are more focused than ever to bring financial, as well as personal, growth into the new year. We talked with some small business owners as we collected 10 goals they set to achieve in 2022.

How can we set goals that a whole team can honor?


Lower outgoing expenses Controlling exactly how much money is going out of your business is always key. If business owners are able to lower what goes out, they are better able to keep profits in.

Revamp your business plan If you have been in business for at least a year, or two, revamping your original business plan is a productive goal to set. Now, with a clear look at what works, for your business, and what doesn’t, you are able to make necessary changes and upgrades

Hire first, or more, employees This can be a scary goal. Small business owners birthed their businesses, so handing even some of its responsibilities over to someone else, can take real mental strength.

Direct more traffic to website This is a 2022 goal I can definitely agree with. Customers don’t know you exist if they cant see you. Drawing more eyes to your website is a sure way to get more clients.

Create a new product. Rather it be an extension to your existing service or product, creating something new is always a creditable goal.

Better social media presence Again if people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy from you. Social media is the most effective way to get your business seen today, with LinkedIN and Facebook, being the top platforms.

Open a brick and mortar What a courageous goal. Stepping out and opening a store or office is an awesome way to level up in your business.

Respond to more networking opportunities This goes right back to what I said earlier, if people don’t know you exist they cant, work with you, or buy from you. There are tons of networking events being hosted now, some even virtual.

Schedule a break from work Taking some time away from your business is sometimes a hard goal to accomplish. But focusing on yourself and your family may be the thing that keeps your business on the right track. If you and your family are doing well, so will your business

Make more money I’m sure this is the number one goal for all business owners, rather small or a large corporation. Making more money in your business is a priority. Our businesses are how we pay our bills, take care of ourselves and families and provide for our lifestyles, this goal should be on every business owners list.


After setting your small business goals, the next step is to make them a reality. Its time to do the work. Attend that networking event your heard about, start a Facebook page for your business or pull out the old business plan for a revamp. In order to move your business forward, you have to move your feet.


If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel, where we discuss all things important to the small business owner. Starting in January, we will also chose one small business to spotlight on our channel. Don’s miss out.

Purchasing the proper supplies for your small business can also help you set and reach your goals. I shop at Staples.


Wishing you business growth,

From The Business SQUAD: thebusinesssquad2021@gmail.com

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Author: bossLadyBLOOMS

BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

27 thoughts on “Goal Setting for business owners”

  1. As a former business owner, and now new to the blogging and all that comes with it, I agree that we can’t forget to take time away from the work. I have been consumed in the last few months with launching and really need to take a step back. Thanks for the reminder and the other great information.

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  2. Reducing costs was a big problem for me! But I definitely recommend spending the time to do it because it makes a huge difference! Networking is one of my biggest weaknesses, I will add it to my goals this year. I find it very hard to start conversations with new people but I will make an effort and I think networking events will help, seeing as everyone is there for that!

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  3. I do agree of revamping your business plan or your blog plan by setting goals. I have set some goals for my blog is to be more consistency in posting and making my presence on social media to drive more traffic to my blog. thanks for sharing this amazing post.


  4. Hiring staff to work on tasks is difficult as a business owner since you are probably used to doing everything yourself. It will definitely pay off though!

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  5. I have an old blog that i want to revive and i think that one needs to revamped. I also need to direct more traffic to it to get it going again. Thanks for all the tips!


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