Finding your target customer.

The process of knowing to whom to market your product or service, can result in much higher rates of return. If you have no target customer in site, you will find yourself spending a lot of time and energy on your business and getting nowhere. The bottom line is, you can’t build a business without knowing who wants and needs your products or service.

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But how do I identify my target customer?

If you are already selling your product or service to people but want to find your target customer to increase sales, take a look at who is already purchasing from you. Are your customers generally older males, younger females, married single? Knowing this can help you find your target faster.

If you are just starting out, ask yourself, what problem does your product or service solve; and who generally has such problems. If you are selling curly haired wigs, your target customer is NOT someone with naturally curly hair. If you have an after school shuttle service, your target customer is NOT a single male with no children. See where I’m going with this?

I ask this question to Mrs. Dementia Johnson, owner of MeMe’s CREATIONS; “who is your target customer?”, her reply, “anyone looking for a custom sublimation craft to give as a gift!”.

What is my target customer buying?

Again, if you are already selling your products or services, and want to identify your target market to increase sells, you already have an idea of who it is. Take a look at what your present customers are buying. Do you have repeat customers buying the same or similar types of items, that’s who you market to.

If a customer buys one product and may ask about another or make suggestions about you products or service, that customer is most likely your target customer.

Social Media and your Target.

Posting your products or service on your personal social media platforms is not the best way to find your target customer. Doing so may get you a few likes or comments, but I doubt it will bring in very many actual customers and probably even fewer repeat buyers. If you use social media to advertise your business its best to have a page separate from your personal pages. You can post your business pages in groups for people whose problem your business solves. For instance, if you knit and sell baby blankets, join a group for new moms and/or parents that may be looking for those type of items.

In conclusion, advertising and marketing to your target customer is not as difficult as it may sound, and can make a world of difference in your amount of sells.

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19 thoughts on “Finding your target customer.”

  1. BossLady Blooms, excellent information. One of the tips I offer clients who are just starting a new business is to write a character profile. Visualize who will use your product or service and write down that person’s characteristics. For example, when I write a blog article, I may target a new leader recently promoted to a new leadership position with less than a few years under their belt. As you mentioned, this increases the likelihood of a sell or traffic to your site.

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  2. Oh so true. This transfers into keyword selection and google search results as well. I don’t use keywords where the user intent (customer) is not aligned with post content.

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  3. This is so important because you need to know how to find the person that you want to buy your product. I feel like a lot of businesses fail because they don’t know where or how to find their target customer.

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