Setting intentions for business

This is a revamp of a post I first wrote in 2019.(pre pandemic)  I wasn’t sure what I was doing, at the time, in the blogging world and I most definitely didn’t know what I was going in the world of business.  What I did know is what I wanted to happen.   Since then so many things that I wrote have come to reality, it sincerely makes me appreciate the realness of setting intentions.

Future BCBA(originally posted in 2019)

WoW!!!    Its official!! I am in my third week of classes for my Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification.  I feel excited and nervous at the same time.  The next three years will be extremely busy for me, so taking care of myself will have to be a priority.  I became aware over the last two weeks that things move quickly and if I’m not careful I can become overwhelmed.

As I set the goals to finish my certification,  start my business, among other things, I have to KEEP the goal to continue keeping my mind and body healthy and say NO to things and people that I may need to say no to. Screenshot_20190103-234115 (1)

I love my yoga class and I will definitely keep making it a priority on Tuesdays and Thursday. It is a chance for me to regroup and quiet my mind and body.

. Screenshot_20190206-114251

What is your go to for relaxing and keeping a healthy mind and body?

Do you have a favorite ritual or  quiet place to regroup?

Have you set goals that may cause you to be busier than normal? Please don’t move self care to the middle or bottom of your to-do list.  Keep yourself at the top.  Go easy on yourself and make yourself your #1 priority.

My first blog logo

Love Yourself.  Set Your Goals. Live Your Life.


This original post was written before I had a Facebook business page as well; you can check it out here.

I’m so proud if my accomplishments!!


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  1. Setting intentions will help you to actually reach your goals. I like to listen to calming instrumentals. It helps to relax my mind as well as clear it.

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