Spoil yourself a little

Things that may make a small business owner’s life easier

As a small business owner, the more convenient things are, the better. Simple day to day task that can be made easier will allow for more time to be spent doing the important stuff.

I wanted to share with you two of my latest discoveries…two things I found to make my life a lot easier.

The first, is GROCERY STORE DELIVERY! yes…I have discovered this wonderful luxury and added it to my new lifestyle, as a small business owner.

Next…is something I hardly ever do. I never endorse a product of any kind but this I absolutely have to…. I love Cascade max dishwasher pacs!

Now you may be used to using grocery store delivery, I don’t know where you live, you can tell me that in the comments… and you may be used to having sparkling clean dishes; weather you use what I use or not! Its new to me and it makes my life a little bit better! I almost felt like I moved up a lifestyle grade.

Encouragement for business owners

I just want to encourage you to do what makes you feel good. Enjoy your entrepreneurial life .. love yourself…love someone else… enjoy THIS life. Yes, we are still reeling from a global pandemic (so please remember to wash your hands, use your mask and practice social distancing)… but call somebody and check on them, call somebody and tell them you love them, call somebody and tell them you miss them. Stay connected as your move forward, the support is beneficial.

Treat yourself

Some times working for yourself gets exhausting, remember to treat yourself on occasion, by doing things that you enjoy. Go read a good book or order some gourmet cookies, have them delivered and eat every single one of them.

Be careful of how you think, your thoughts have consequences, keep your thoughts positive because you’re the only one who hears what’s going on in your head. If you always think about what’s going on with your business, you may be wearing yourself thin needlessly. Every single second doesn’t have to be devoted to think about your business. Enjoy the freedom that you get with owning your own business and by all means love on yourself; and when you get a chance, spoil yourself a little!

Leave me a short note in the comments, like and share! Until next time…# boss lady out!

Wishing you all the best in your small business.


Author: bossLadyBLOOMS

BossLady Blooms promotes love and care of self in order to give back to others. We encourage everyone to create, learn and grow into your most authentic self. Everyone has the ability to love, learn and bloom. #LoveU

11 thoughts on “Spoil yourself a little”

  1. I used a dishwasher for the first time in my life this year, and got to say lifechanging. I even use the exact same dishwash pod and let me say, it is affective.


  2. Since the pandemic i’ve started to love grocery deliveries. It really saves me a lot of time and money since I only list down what i need. Up until now I’m having my groceries delivered.

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