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Welcome to the first weekly newsletter of BossLadyBLOOMS RBT Exam Tutoring. If you are studying to pass the RBT exam or want a refresher on when and how to use skills on the RBT task list, you are in the right place.

Today we will start with the basics; reinforcement(RF) We will review the definition and discuss when is the best time to use it.

Let’s get started….

What is a reinforcer? According to definition**, a reinforcer is the most important concept in human behavior; it shapes how we behave on a daily basis. A reinforcer is any item, tangible or not, that a person likes enough to increase the likelihood of a certain behavior happening again in the future, if given access to said item.

Example: If a doorman is given $20* each time he opens the door for a customer, the doorman will likely open the door for each customer in the future.

When to use….Use a reinforcer when teaching a new skill and when you want an appropriate behavior to happen again in the future.

As you study.…Notice that section C, of the RBT Task List, is for teaching skill acquisition, understanding reinforcement is required for this section of skills.

Over the next few weeks, you will learn positive and negative reinforcement, conditioned vs unconditioned reinforcement, continuous reinforcement and finally, the schedules of reinforcement.

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Until next week, Happy ABAing.

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**Definition provided by BeamABA and HowtoABA


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