Family Plan B

Does your home have a plan B.  If things were out of the ordinary, would your children know what to do.  Could they catch the school bus or are they comfortable with riding with someone else  to school if you couldn’t take them? What about lunches, can your kids prepare their own lunches, what about dinner? Could your children entertain themselves for a while if there was adult visitors in your home.  Even younger children should be able to fend for themselves for a few hours if their parent are busy, sick or simply tired.  But best practice is to not wait until the Family plan B is needed,but to put it in place now.  My advice is to teach your children before its needed what they can and need to do in case their parents are “out of pocket” or cant tend to them at that appointed time.  #BeAwesome  #PlanB  sick-mom



I remember, four years ago, taking my oldest son to vote for the first time, it was a proud moment for me.  This year I took my youngest along even though he is not old enough to vote yet.  I wanted him to know the importance of this right. I voted early and there wasn’t a long line, but even if there were I wouldn’t have mind.  The right to vote is ours.  Exercise, share and explain the importance of that right with your children.  #BeAwesome #GoVote

Clear Path


My brother and I use to go to a weeded area beside my parents house to pick dew berries when we were children.  He would always walk ahead to knock down any hanging limbs or vines that may hit or scratch me.  I would make sure to step where he stepped as to not step on thorns or worse, snakes.  I only picked the berries after he cleared the weeds out of the way.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleared path as we raise our children? My first son was raised on trial and error, and with a lot of advice from older mothers, so i can say they cleared the weeds from my  path.  That is my goal with The Parents Path;  to help clear the way with advice, ideas and suggestions that may make raising successful children easier.  Please share your thoughts as well. What each of us experience and share may encourage another parent along the way.  #ClearApath #BeAwesome



I walked into the living room yesterday and noticed my youngest son watching a cartoon that had several cuss words in it.  I did a double take as I grabbed the remote to changed it.  He didn’t say a word, yet I felt the need to explain my actions.  “I don’t want you watching shows with that sort of language.”  Later that night I was having a phone discussion with another adult and lo and behold, I used a couple of cuss words.  To my dismay, who was standing in the kitchen listening to every word, my son.  Did he hear me when I loudly told him, this sort of language was unacceptable, or did he hear me louder when I used the same kind of words.

#BeCarefulGrownUpsWhatYouSay  (sung to the tune of “Be careful little eyes”)


Fist bumps


“Hugs and kisses aren’t only good for your children’s heart, they are also good for their heads”–Dr Tony Evans.

Its been scientifically proven that a loving touch helps us all feel better, be it a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back or a gentle nudge; but do we need science to tell us that?  Not really, but it kind of cool that it does.

This study, at Washington University, found that children who are loved on, held, hugged and kissed, are able to learn quicker, remember better and respond to stress more naturally.

I bet you didn’t know that kissing on your kid on their way out to school was making them smarter, now did you.  The next time my 13year old puts his hand up for a fist bump when I try to kiss him, I’m going to tell him all about this study..#BeAwesome



A Piece of Peace


Peace is a difficult word for me.  I’ve never really understood the meaning of the word.  I’ve prayed and asked for it so many times, but I’ve never known exactly what it looks like.  Is peace the same as being happy? Is peace the everything is going well, no disappointment, no anger kind of feeling?  I sometimes think of peace as a overwhelming calm, like those pictures of monks at prayer time, or people meditating or doing yoga.  Is peace that calm, still, quite place? I always pray for peace for my children and in a sense, I hope peace is all of those things for them.  I hope peace is their happiness, with no disappointments and no anger. I hope peace for them is that overwhelming sense of calm and I hope that Peace never leaves them.  On Saturday, I will attend my first cousin’s son’s funeral.  I have no words for a mother who loses a child, but I pray for her every ounce of peace, and I pray that for her, peace is ALL of those things.

#BeAwesome   #BeSomeonesPeace