Moving forward

omg!!! So we made it to the end of the year 2020…in spite of all the drama and craziness of the year, here we are…

I can say for myself, I’m praying and preparing for a better 2021.

I put together my I WILL” list for the upcoming year…i shared some of it below….

I WILL let those I love know it, I WILL express gratitude for even the little things, I WILL be more giving, I WILL grow in my spiritual life, I WILL do the work that leads to the lifestyle I want.

I WILL share more of the things I enjoy.

What will you do to bring a positive outlook to your 2021?

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Get ready for a wonderful week

Tonight, wind down, soak in the bubbles, drink some hot tea, light some candles…and enjoy your night… that tomorrow you can…

candle by Carnesia Scott

…..wake up early, meditate, drink water, exercise, eat a good breakfast and handle what ever comes your way.

Set the tone for a goal crushing week….mindset is everything ๐Ÿ’œ

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Easy like a happy Sunday morning…

What is your favorite thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning?

I miss the days, as a young girl when I would wake up to my mom cooking pancakes, my dad reading the newspaper and I got to lay on the floor, reading the “funnies”, as we called the comic section of the Houston Chronicle, and wait til my mom called us to the table for breakfast. Sundays were also the days I’d get to sit on my dad’s lap as he let me drive our car down the back country roads.

Just the memory of doing all of that makes me feel good inside.

As an adult, my Sundays are a bit different. Rarely do I get to sleep late, and as an unmarried person, if I want pancakes I have to cook them๐Ÿ˜Š.

I do try to enjoy my Sundays as much as I can. I sometimes have a coffee on the porch, read a few pages or listen to music. What I had to get myself use to is not working on Sunday!!! Sundays are for rest, for renew, for smiles. That’s a rule! I just made it up but I think it’s a good one. I will repeat it: Sundays are for rest, renew and for smiles!

Let Sundays be the day that starts your happy! Mindset is everything. So set the tone on your happy week by starting on Sunday.

Until next time…#bossLady out

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Make someone smile

I hope you are all enjoying your day. I wish you all the happiest of holidays and pray you peace, laughter and warm hugs.

As you enjoy your day, please take time to be kind to others. A smile, a quick hello….just do your best to spill a little good to the next human.

It really is easy to be nice. Keep in mind that one small act can change someone’s day for the better.

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What’s good for your soul.

Today has been a pretty productive day over here in the BossladyBLOOMS empire ๐Ÿ˜. I’ve cleaned my bedroom, which is something I don’t always do. After that, I had to accompany my youngest son to the dentist, because although he’s old enough to drive himself there, he is not old enough to sign himself in…lol…

When I got back home, I started my research and study in abnormal psychology; for the last two weeks it’s been covering mental disorders common in children and adolescents…sounds boring….but for me, I enjoy the reading and the research. Going into child psychology, as a BCBA, is exciting to me…and just a reminder doing things that you enjoyed is one way to be good to yourself (insert me smiling here)

I took a break, after about three hours of reading, and sat outside with a cup of tea and took pictures of the huge pecan trees that are on my property. I’d like to think that if I didn’t love special education, I’d have a lucrative career in photography.

Later tonight I will mask up and go to my towns court house square and watch the annual holiday parade from my car. (Yup, we are still in the middle of a pandemic). I’m sure I will end my night by having dinner with my son and his girlfriend, a nice bubble bath, cuddle on the couch for a movie that will probably end up watching me.

In my book, that all makes for a good day.

What did you do with your day? Did you have a good day at work? Did you enjoy a good book? …movie? Whatever you did today, I hope it made you smile and feel good inside, even if it was only for a few minutes. Sometimes reminding ourselves to enjoy a few minutes takes practice ๐Ÿ˜‰. Set your alarm for a ten minute unwind, or sit and actually taste your favorite beverage, or do absolutely nothing…but whatever you do..always remember to #LOveU

#bossLady Out

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A new lifestyle

Welcome to all of my new followers, bloomers, and readers! Thank you for being a part of a 3-year journey…. yes it has been three years since I first started the adventure of writing and blogging!! If you are new here, I’m so glad that you found us, and I hope you enjoy everything you read and everything you see. I hope it inflicts good things to happen for you. Good thoughts. Good vibes. Good memories. All things for the good of you as a person.

bossLadyBLOOMS is a brand , it’s a movement , it’s an event; , because when you read the things I write, when you see the pictures that I shoot, I want you to be motivated to experience the good in yourself. I want you to read something that I say and it makes you want to be good to yourself. I want you to see the things that I post and think to yourself,’ I want to treat myself good, I want to do things that I like, I want to say things to other people that make me feel good and that makes them feel good. I want to share this good feeling and I want to do that by taking care of yourself, by loving myself and by being 100% your authentic self.

This has been a three-year journey, as I said earlier. This really started as some thoughts in my head and an e book that I wanted to promote. I wanted to share some social situations and just things that I wanted people to know about. It’s crazy because when you start a blog, and depending on who your domain host is, you have to set up a category for what you’re blogging about and so my first category was self-help and then it changed to hobbies and then it changed to motivation and Google did me one better; it said you can do all of that, you can talk about all of that and we’ll call it your lifestyle blog. Sooo for the last seven weeks boss-LadyBLOOMS is now under the category of lifestyle and that works for me because the things that you read and the things that you see, I want you to have a positive lifestyle. I want you to focus on just that, making a good, positive lifestyle.

2020 has been a crazy weird year; we have a pandemic, we’ve had economic devastation and we won’t even start about the political craziness….but things are different, to say the least, and I’m sure things are different in your world too. With all the different, what do you think would happen if we all decided to let the different be good? If we change the way we treat ourselves to where we always treated ourselves good?…. if we always treated our family, our friends, our neighbors, the people we see in the store, if we always treated everyone we came in contact with….good? Good doesn’t always mean material things, it doesn’t always mean money, doesn’t mean always go and taking yourself shopping…..but good thoughts, nice words, nice feelings…. nice actions! You would be surprised how far a simple good morning or a simple ‘how are you’ goes with a smile. And you know what… we can’t be so sensitive that if we don’t get a hello back that our world is ruined, that we are upset and hurt if you say good morning and you smile at someone and they don’t give you anything back or better yet they give you something rude back๐Ÿ˜ณ keep it pushing ๐Ÿ˜Škeep it moving๐Ÿ˜Š don’t let that one person steal the happiness, steal the joy, steal the good, from you. It’s time for some better things to happen in this world and I’m sure you’ve seen it on TV, I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere about being the change… what about if we are the change for the good? So here’s my new thought, and the new way that I want bossLadyBLOOMS to go…I want bossLadyBLOOMS the blog, the brand, the lifestyle, to be all about a change for the good. Starting with me, starting with you, starting with everyone who reads my blog, everyone on WordPress, everyone on Facebook, everyone on Pinterest, on Instagram….everyone who reads my blog, I want to start with a change for the good. Leave me some comments, leave me your thoughts… good or bad. I’m here for it!! Let me know how you feel, let me know if there’s something I need to say or do that can help you be good to yourself and to be good to others. Not in a selfish ‘I’m better than you’ kind of way, that’s how this world got crazy! so we don’t want to repeat the crazy. My challenge to you as a bossLadyBLOOMer is to bloom in the direction of good


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