Routine or rut??


Happy Monday. Here’s to a wonderful week. Last time, we talked about making Mondays a day to express your gratitude for whatever you are thankful for, be it big or small.  Did you think about it this Monday morning?  I’ve read somewhere, and I cant quite remember where, that it takes at least 28 day to form or break a habit.

What about a routine?  I have a routine that helps me express my gratitude;  I brush my teeth every morning, as I’m sure you do as well; I know that its something I’m going to do every morning no matter what, so I have incorporated saying the Lord’s Prayer while I’m brushing my teeth.  Tying those two things together have become a routine for me and ensured me that I will do both every day.

To remind my pre kindergarten students to wash their hands before lunch, I encouraged them to recite the “God is great” lunch time prayer as they did so.  This duo became routine for them, and added more time for the actual act of eating, but gave each child a chance to express gratitude as well.

What is your morning routine?  What two activities can you tie together to practice being grateful?

Although it hasn’t become as routine as I’d like, I enjoy lighting candles and soaking in a warm bubble bath.  Include a candle  lit bath to your routine with these handcrafted votive candle holders; each can be custom colored to accompany your bathroom decor.

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Secret Garden


Welcome to April. I’m kicking off the month by celebrating one of my favorite places.   My flower garden!!  My garden, with its colorful blooms, green leaves and sunshine,  inspired me to write, create, and relax.

Each time I  visit my garden,  I feel like I’m entering my own little piece of paradise . Here’s the best part: You can have that same feeling!!!

Each of my hand crafted wreaths is adorned with silk replicas of flowers from my garden.

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#bossLady out!

Here comes Monday!

I cant speak for anyone else, but I have grown to not like Sunday evenings.  WHY? Because they mean Monday is only a few hours away.

Mondays mean back to work and its the farthest day from the weekend.  I waste about 6 hours of my Sunday  worrying about Monday.  I’ve seen post on FB about how to stop Monday from coming.  We all know the truth.  We can not stop Monday from coming, we just cant.

Well I have chosen to use Monday and not let Monday use me.  From now on Monday will be my GRATITUDE DAY.

I will use Monday mornings to talk to my GOD, and thank HIM for my everything.  I will state out loud things, be them tangible or not, that I am grateful for.  This morning was my  first day:

Gratitude day aka Monday: I am grateful for….

  1. my health
  2. my sons
  3. my friends(boyfriend included 🙂 )
  4. My house, which I’ve made into a home
  5. my car
  6. my job
  7. my craft business
  8. my mental state
  9. my understanding and conviction that soon my pass hurts will be in the past to stay.

These were some things I stated this morning.

Lets practice “promoting the things we love instead of advertising the things we hate.

I hope this helps you!!  until next time…

#bossLady OUT

Custom Made

CUSTOM—made or done to order for a particular customer….(as defined by Webster’s)
ex.  “a custom bottle set”
I have recently made several custom orders for different customers.  Some times people tell me “I want mine just like that” and are disappointed when I have to tell them ” I cant, that’s a custom order”
I consider myself to be custom made.  I have big eyes, skinny ankles and grey hair, that I was born with.  I don’t want anyone else walking around looking “just like” me.  I have a custom attitude; some days I’m quite, some I’m overly talkative and a lot of days I’m somewhere in between.  That’s  just me.
 I recommend that everyone love their custom made selves very much.  Trying to be ‘just like” someone else seems like a lot of hard work, that you have to keep doing for the rest of your life.
Be you! Be Original! Be Custom Made!
IMG_20180217_043208979 (1)
#bossLady out!
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Everybody is not going to like you,….and guess what,   THAT’SPERFECTLY OK!!!

Here’s what I think:

LIVE your life the way you want to.  Take care of yourself and make yourself happy.

LAUGH as much as possible and as often as possible….I hear smiling and laughing make you feel better.

LOVE yourself and the people who love you back….and simply pray for everybody else.

Just a little love letter from me to you.

#bossLady out

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IMG_20180117_180555438  Today in my business mentor group we were asked what is our “why”.  Took me a while to put my thoughts together, mind you it was a 5am meeting, but by 8am this morning, I had finally made my thoughts tangible and was able to put them into my journal.  Below is a excerpt of what I turned in.

My WHY….


….because I want my children to inherent a legacy not a debt.

…..because I’m frustrated and exhausted with being second in command on every job I have, no matter my education or experience.

….because I want more for my now, as well as for my future.

…..because its not work if I enjoy what I’m doing.

……because God gave me talents I want to use to the fullest.

…..because  I CAN!!

I will leave you with this; If you know your WHY, your HOW will come easy!!

Until next time,


P.S   My mentor texted, not email, me back to say my response brought her to tears, which is why I included the custom tissue box in this post.

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Cross roads

IMG_20180124_210043325  I love this teal colored cross.  In fact, I can honestly say it is my favorite cross I’ve ever made.   I was talking to a business mentor a few days ago and told her that I cant decide if I want to be a full time writer or a full time crafter, I said I was at a crossroads.  Her response was priceless, she said “why not do both, make your crafts, and write about them on your blog.”  Best idea ever!!

This cross is available for purchase on my Esty shop or  on my FB business page.  (the links are below).  I made this cross a few days ago, in fact, when I took the picture for the post it was still not quite dry.  I enjoyed the silence I got from constructing this cross and it was only fitting to add a peaceful color.  The smaller attached cross is painted in a “bossLady made” color.  I thought about painting it pure white but somehow the white seemed  too bright.  I softened it with a drop of turquoise.  The contrast worked out better than I could ever imagine.

Until next time,