Thinking Pink


I made this wreath for a friend  whose parent lost her battle with breast cancer.  I sat in my craft room thinking about the color pink as I painted this wreath.  Its traditionally thought that pink is the color for baby girls. I love the color pink although, its not my favorite color, but there are so many other things that are pink that aren’t so girly, like HIPPO MILK and baby pigs.  I’m glad pink is such a powerful color used to bring awareness to such an important cause.



BFF :)


It was me!!!  I did it!! I wanted to scream it out.  I wanted to tell the truth.  I had to let my best friend know that it was me who had hurt her, I caused her to be so sad.  But I didn’t…I sat there like a big ole chicken and watched as my best friend, since first grade, cried her eyes out.  I wished my mom was here.  She could help me out of this big mess that I had gotten myself into.  But mom would have stopped me before I even thought about doing this horrible thing.

I didn’t know  how I would fix it, but I would, I would make things right and make my friend feel better.

OK!…… I going to do it.  I’m going to confess that it was me who took Katy’s “welcome to third grade” pencil.