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It was me!!!  I did it!! I wanted to scream it out.  I wanted to tell the truth.  I had to let my best friend know that it was me who had hurt her, I caused her to be so sad.  But I didn’t…I sat there like a big ole chicken and watched as my best friend, since first grade, cried her eyes out.  I wished my mom was here.  She could help me out of this big mess that I had gotten myself into.  But mom would have stopped me before I even thought about doing this horrible thing.

I didn’t know  how I would fix it, but I would, I would make things right and make my friend feel better.

OK!…… I going to do it.  I’m going to confess that it was me who took Katy’s “welcome to third grade” pencil.





The newness of spring is wonderful.  The new flowers blooming, the new calves showing up in the pasture, the smell of fresh cut grass; I could go on.  For me, spring means summer is near and school will be out and I will have time to pursue my passion for reading and writing on a full time basis.

One of my favorite places, in this world, is sitting in my backyard on an early summer morning.  It just seems like my  thoughts and ideas are fresh and running rampant then, and I love that feeling. This summer I plan on spilling a lot of my ideas and thoughts on to paper…hmmmmmm.  Stay tuned!!!

I want my mama

I’m 45 years young. My mother passed away two years ago. I miss my mama EVERY SINGLE DAY! There its out of me, I said it.

I recently ran into a student, now in high school, that I knew in elementary school. He was one of my more challenging students. In fact, he had a new challenge for me everyday. It almost never failed that in the midst of his behavior outburst he would let me know that I couldn’t tell him what to do because I “wasn’t his mama”. This was a daily declaration for this child who lived in a group home with several other children (boys). I remember one particular day vividly; it was one of his most violent of behavior days. One where he had to be removed from the classroom. As I was about to walk back into the classroom,after escorting him out, just to give him a moment of privacy, I saw him put himself into a ball on the floor and heard as he cried out “I want my mama”.  My heart sank. I went back in and just stood with him for awhile. So many nights over the past two years, I’m that child and I want my mama.

Thinking about those days a few school years ago reminded me that every time he was cussing and yelling you’re NOT my mama, he was truly feeling I WANT MY MAMA!

#MAMA #BeAwesome


On the move!


In order to get where you want to be in life, you have to move from where you are. In an effort to do just that, I re edited, added a new cover, and relaunched my first children’s eBook. One day I will receive the Coretta Scott King’s award for children’s books, and this is where I start. I accepted the fact that some mistakes were made in my first release on my part as well as my editing partner. I have decided to use this new revelation to start fresh. #BeAwesome #newDigitalStores #bossLady


As a writer, blogger and special educator, I am often critiqued by somebody about something. Most recently I was bashed for using my southern accent in my book, 3rd Grade is AUsome.  My response to this critic was simple.  I write about what I know and what I am.  I AM SOUTHERN, born and breed, and I speak with a southern accent.

Children are critiqued daily. I hear it a lot in the school hallways as the students switch classes. Friends jokingly ribbing another for his outfit, or grades or  what happened in class. Sometimes adults may even do so without being aware of it.    When my children come home I try to provide a safe haven for their ears and brains by using kind and uplifting words when we discuss their school day.  Don’t get me wrong, my words aren’t sappy or pacifying, but when they, or their friends, come home they don’t have to respond to “why did you wear that shirt”, or “why is your backpack like that”  and never will they have to answer  “why did you say y’all instead of you all!!”  Be a cheerleader not a critic!!  #BeAwesome


PS…..3rd Grade is AUsome is now available at any of these digital stores: Barnes&Noble (nook), Kobo,  24symbols, Page Foundry, Scribbd, Tolino and Apple iBooks.



Shut the door!


My youngest son is becoming an athlete.  Unlike my first and second born, he was never into sports.  My guess would be because he was always being taken to sit through his older brothers’ practices.  He has successful talents in his own right;  one being taking and scoring an 18 on the ACT college entrance exam at age 13, but now sports are become a part of him too.  Two years ago he joined an AAU basketball team.  At that time, simply dribbling down the court was a task he couldn’t master.  But he kept with it despite me opening the door to allow him to walk away from the team.  My baby boy continued to go to every practice and every game.  I could see that he wanted to be good at basketball, so instead of allowing him to quit, I started encouraging and cheering for him.

Last night, two school years later, I watched him play on his school’s eighth grade “A” team.  Not only play but play well, not only dribble but is point guard, the guy who dribbles all the way down the court. Each game, I attend every game, I see him  playing better and better.  Although he is already a good student, during basketball season, I’ve noticed that he gives his grades and class work a good deal more attention.

I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had kept the door open and allowed him to give up. #keepDRIBBLING  #BeAwesome






Cheer them on!!

screenshot_2016-11-29-13-11-012 FAN!!

Are the words you use with your child building their self esteem?   I love the quote, “promote what you love instead of voicing what you hate”. Of course I don’t know who the original author of that is but it says a lot in a few words.  I have always spoken positive into my children, even on days when their actions said otherwise.  I sometimes had to take the pause in order to find those positive words, but I did.  Psychology 101 (ok, not exactly), says that if a person hears something for so long they start to become/believe it.  Let our children hear words of encouragement from us as parents.  We are their first and most important teachers.  Teach them to speak words of encouragement to others.  Positive words bring positive actions.  #BeTheir#1FAN #BeAwesome


I’m baaaack!!

Tomorrow, The Parent’s Path will resume its scheduled “Blog about it Tuesday” posts.  I want to give a gracious welcome to our new followers and invite you all to join us on FaceBook for more encouraging advice and opinions for parents on the path to raising successful children. Until tomorrow….as always #BeAwesome