Weekend Rules

It’s Sunday…time to do what you love.



discover the new you!πŸ’œ

How are you!?

So tell me, how are you doing mentally lately.

Are you at a place of peace, calm and happiness?

Artwork purchased for my son’s apartment

Mentally check in with yourself. Be completely honest with yourself and if you are not feeling exactly how you want to feel…make some changes.

I made a statement out loud not to long ago that I’m “back to the old me”. That’s not true. Right now in my present moment, I’m better than the old me. Why? Because I made some changes. And you may have to do that as well. We can talk to all the therapists in the world and the truth is…if you are not willing to make changes within yourself, you will not be happy, calm and at peace.

Don’t take my word for it! Do the work yourself and let me know how much better you feel after.

You are a strong person….you deserve peace and happiness πŸ’œ.

until next time…


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Loving on ME.

Loving yourself is a process….baby steps are perfectly fine. Enjoy the ride and trust the process.

By Ms VanZant

Im loving the friendship I have with myself…and the bond is unbreakable.

I walk away from anything that’s not bringing me peace, happiness or love.

I pray for all my bloomers to discover the peace and happiness that comes with loving who you are. It’s a devine place to be.

until next time….


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Denver baby

So a recent trip to Denver left me with these few but beautiful pictures…

Greetings from Denver

Travel is one way to relax and take care of yourself by doing something you like to do.

This beautiful calm lake.

I like going to different places and seeing different things and especially trying new restaurants.

Little Man ice cream

This was a wonderful view

Seeing this amazing view early in the morning can put you in a calm relaxed mood.

If you have a chance to get away from what you do on a regular basis, do it. Go visit other places, and explore. Get out of the hotel and find a nice restaurant or museum to check out. Do something fun that you don’t get to do very often.

I like to read about different places and research what these places may have to offer, but when given the choice to go in person and live it…I’m all in.

Do what makes you happy, love and take care of your self.

Until next time…

#bossLady out


Remember it’s ok to put yourself first in your own life.

Making yourself a priority is very important in your self love journey. Giving yourself the green light to be important to yourself is perfectly fine. Doing things that give you a smile, inside and out, are essential for good mental health.

A healthy mind is just as, if not more, important as a healthy body. Taking time to quiet your mind and minimize the negative thinking is a plus.

Your body and mind, make up who you are….be good to your whole self.

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Until next time….

BossLady out.

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BossLadysBLOOMS the blog!

My new (old) maroon colored roses(use to be bright red)

Last summer this rose bloomed in bright red. I remember saying this is such a beautiful color. This morning I walked out and saw that it has bloomed this maroon color. And I had to say it again, this is such a beautiful color.

There is a saying that “change is inevitable”. And I’m sure that’s correct. We sometimes get so accustomed to things being one way for so long that when it changes, we are not sure how to handle it.

There is always a chance that a change will be good. Change can mean growth, change can mean a fresh start, a new beginning.

When I saw the red rose, I couldn’t imagine it being any more beautiful than it was, until I saw it this morning and it was just as beautiful. Different but beautiful.

Allow for change in your life, allow for growth, allow yourself to bloom…be it bright vibrant red or smooth elegant maroon.

Share you beautiful changes in the comments.

You may notice some changes to the blog, but they will be beautiful changesπŸ’œ

Until next time…

BossLady out

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Last leg of my trip..San Angelo,Tx

On the last day of my relaxing family trip we stopped at the blue bonnet fields.

This field was HUGE

Eventhough I had heard all the stories of the snakes mating in the bluebonnet fields, I took my chances and sat for a few pictures.

I had to get a close up, just to show the texture and color of the real thing..bluebonnets in Texas.

Last bit most definitely not least I had to get a picture of my weekend co-pilot, and good friend, who made this trip with me and didn’t complain once about all the stops I made or stuff I wanted to do…or pictures I made him take.

My Mr Rodney 😍

I hope you enjoyed our trip. I know it’s alot more fun to do than to see pictures of but…. I had a really great time. And can’t wait to share my next trip to Cozumel Mexico with you all.

Until next time….

BossLady out!πŸ’œ

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