Is it Monday yet?

I cant speak for anyone else, but I have grown to not like Sunday evenings.  WHY? Because they mean Monday is only a few hours away.

Mondays mean back to work and its the farthest day from the weekend.  I waste about 6 hours of my Sunday  worrying about Monday.  I’ve seen post on FB about how to stop Monday from coming.  We all know the truth.  We can not stop Monday from coming, we just cant.

Well I have chosen to use Monday and not let Monday use me.  From now on Monday will be my GRATITUDE DAY.

I will use Monday mornings to talk to my GOD, and thank HIM for my everything.  I will state out loud things, be them tangible or not, that I am grateful for.  This morning was my  first day:

Gratitude day aka Monday: I am grateful for….

  1. my health
  2. my sons
  3. my friends(boyfriend included 🙂 )
  4. My house, which I’ve made into a home
  5. my car
  6. my job
  7. my blog
  8. my mental state
  9. my understanding and conviction that soon my pass hurts will be in the past to stay.

These were some things I stated this morning.

Lets practice “promoting the things we love instead of advertising the things we hate.

I hope this helps you!!  until next time…

bossLady OUT

Grateful for change.

Another Saturday morning and I’m lying in the bed feeling grateful for so many things that are happening in my life right now; personally, spiritually, financially, socially. Personally, I am very excited to be moving into my new home, built from the ground up, with the floorplan I got to choose, I’m very excited about that. Something I never thought I would be able to do and here it is tangible, manifested. I’m so grateful for that.

Spiritually, I’m so grateful for learning to meditate, learning to enjoy the quiet, enjoy the stillness of my mind. I’m excited to, hopefully soon, get back to taking my yoga class. I’m also grateful for the new discovery of books that have helped me become stronger in my prayer life.

When I say that I’m grateful for the way things are happening in my life financially, it’s not because I came into a lot of money or won the lottery or got some new executive position on my job… when I say I’m grateful financially it’s because I’m learning to manage my money better. I’m learning to save, to live on a budget; not to live as a miser, but to live within my means and to live good within my means. To enjoy being able to pay bills on time, to buy new things, to go new places. So when I say that I am grateful financially it’s because I am finally able to not worry about money to live within my means happily and peacefully.

I am not a very social person. I don’t like to be in crowds I don’t like to deal with a lot of people. I find peace in solitude, I find peace in going places by myself but because of my children, I’ve always supported them in their sports, supported them in their academics, supported them and their drama classes and things that they were interested in. But now that two of my three sons are adults and one graduates high school in a few months, I have started to isolate myself. Well by doing this, I learned that it’s hard to be a helpful person, it’s hard to be a giving person if you don’t interact with people. So I am grateful with the decision that I’ve made to be more social and be more open to meeting new people and helping more people.

I’m grateful for the change of seasons. Last week it was almost 100 degrees at this same time, this morning I wake up to a breezy 79. That’s a big deal for us in south Texas. Fall is my favorite season.

I love being able to wear sweatshirts and boots and scarves as the weather gets cooler.

I know we have talked about gratitude alot…and although it’s not this week’s prompt it’s always great to reflect on the things we are grateful for…it usually puts a smile on your face 💜

Until next time…

#bossLady Out!

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Support others and they will support you

I try to support other people in their new endeavors…and I really like supporting other writers and educators. Here I get to do both…check out the new kids book by someone I get to call friend….hope you like it…leave some feedback in the comments..

L-O-V-E….the next journal prompt

Today’s journal prompt, and I know it’s been a long time coming, is about our favorite four-letter word….. hold on! hold on! no not that one…the four-letter word I’m talking about right now is l-o-v-e!   Love!!   If you had to grab a piece of paper right now and write down all the people, places and things that you love; could you do it?…. how far down on that list before you include yourself?   We’ve all heard it again and again…. Love is a verb, love is an action,  love is a feeling, love is an emotion.   I think love is all of those things and more; love is how you think, how you treat people, how you respect people, how you treat yourself, how you love yourself, how you take care of your plants, how you take care of your pets, how you treat a stranger, the words you say to someone you don’t know, the words you say to someone who can’t do anything for you. .   I think all of those things are love . We use that word so overly, for lack of a better term, these days that it’s scary!  “Aww… I love my new dress;  oh I love the way he writes; oh I love the new car”   all those things we say that we love, but are we confusing I love it with I enjoy it?…. because is it  love?   Don’t get me wrong, love is to be enjoyed, don’t you enjoy when someone loves you,  don’t you enjoy loving someone else?   so when you think about it, do you love that dress, do you love those new shoes  the way you love …..say your family, your kids, do you love yourself as much as you love things?  Love can be confusing…..  remember being a teenager and in love with that boy, or in love with that girl?   I remember in 9th grade…. I loved this boy so much, at least I thought I did, because by the time we were seniors… I didn’t want to look at his stupid face, was contemplating how I could run him over with my car and get away with it….(lol… that was a joke)   There’s so many different kinds of love; there’s romantic love ,  in the Bible, there is agape love, there’s unconditional love,  that we mostly bestow upon our children and our spouses…. sometimes our spouses…


I personally like to think about self-love, the love that you give to yourself.  It can be romantic, I hope it’s unconditional but I hope above all else that you DO have and express that love for yourself, that respect for yourself,  that you are worthy of love, you are worthy of that good feeling, that you are designed not only to receive love but to give love.   How good does it make you feel when you show someone else you love them?  How good would it make you feel to show yourself that you love you too, so as you get ready to write your journals….. The prompt is this…..” I will love myself by doing________” you fill in the blank, let me know in the comments.

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until next time……

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Do good and good will come back to you!

We wake up on a Saturday morning to the realization that another African American man has been shot 7 times in the back by a police officer, we wake up to find a 17 year old human has gunned down several people in a protest with an automatic assault weapon, we wake up and find that one of the most famous African American actors, activist, friend, husband, has died of colon cancer…it’s hard not to be frustrated, it’s hard not to be scared, when all these things are going on around you, all these things are beyond your control. We can’t control the actions of another human being, we can’t control when someone we love will leave this planet, we can’t control so many things because we are mere human, what we can control is how we treat ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, we can control our thinking, we can control how kind we are to other people, we can control how respectful we are to nature;  although there are tons of things that are beyond our control, there are so many things that are.
One of my discoveries, is that I enjoy audible books.   A few weeks ago I started listening to a book entitled “The seven spiritual laws of success”.. I’ll leave the link in the bottom of the blog. This is a powerful, powerful book.  It has a clear-cut message and it basically tells us if you do good, good will return to you. The book doesn’t talk about success as we think about it, as money or fame or power….it speaks of success as happiness, peace, joy and  contentment because if you have all those things, and you are a giver, the wealth, as you term it,  will come with it.

A lot of times I take days to research and prepare for a blog post, today I just wrote what was on my heart,  because I woke up with an uneasy feeling in my chest,  a feeling that I’m not content with,  a feeling that I don’t want to live there.  I want my peace,  I want my happiness, I want my joy,  not just for myself, but for my children,  for my family. As I said earlier there are so many things beyond our control but there are a lot of things that are. I was really worried about making this blog political or a religious piece, and although I am not one who is an over-thinker about politics, a debater about politics or argue about it,  I will tell you that in the world that is completely out of your control we have the power to vote, I’m not a holy roly religious person either but I believe in Christ, I believe in God, I believe in prayer, and I believe that prayer and putting out good energy has helped me on my self-love self-care journey. I won’t attempt to push any of my views on to anyone else; you do what’s best for you, you do what works for you;  but I will explain this to you…..if you feel that being negative to someone,  being in control over someone, being rude to someone, will get you what you want; will get you your happiness, will get you your contentment will get you your success, as you view it!  I want to tell you right now you are absolutely Wrong! As I get ready to go sit on my porch and enjoy the morning air with my cup of coffee…. I’ll leave you with this do good to others and good will come back to you. (link to book)

#bossLady out!

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Hurricane Laura

To all of you who are in the path of Hurricane Laura, I pray you are safe and secure.  This has been an unimaginable year …. police violence, a world wide pandemic, wildfires and now, parts of the southern United States is being hit by a category 4 hurricane.


I am a Christian and I believe in prayer and I pray that God will bless this planet and His will be done.

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#bosslady OUT!

💜💜The journal prompt series will continue in the next episode 😊💜💜

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Please stay safe 💜

Living in the midst of a pandemic, it may be harder to take care of yourself…but please remember that you can only do so much, there is only one you. Find a moment for yourself if possible. Practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and wear a mask or face covering when in public. #LoveU.


How a few changes can help your mental health 💜

I recently added some much needed water…32ounces, and a mile and a half walk to my daily self care routine. I can honestly say it’s helping me to feel better and I just started 4 days ago.

Being on quarantine has really caused my mental state to suffer. So I have dug a little deeper into my bag of self help tricks to continue on my journey. Reading  and classical music (piano is my favorite) helps me to channel my calm.. This is what works for me…you are welcomed to try either of them, or  find what works for you.

You will be amazed at how a few minor changes in your life can have such an amazing affect on your mental state.

Stay safe!


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