Tuesday’s terrific tips💜

Screenshot_20190725-200559I love when I find things that I agree with to share with my BLOOMers…

Are you ready to put yourself first in your own life?

The results will be remarkable.

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Self Love feels like…


*Promise to set aside some time for yourself daily.💜

* “I’m an amazing person and I deserve to be good to myself”💜

*I forgive myself and will move forward💜

* Set boundaries…simple say NO.💜

*Exercise, eat well and live good💜

* Protect your peace of mind💜

This is what it may look like….now imagine how good it must feel.

August the 8 calendar month….the month of new. Start your routine of loving and taking care of yourself this month.

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Smile and LoveU

I am finally getting around to reading the Self Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser.  I have only had time to read the introduction so far and I am hooked.  She is telling her personal story of how she found the love for herself that she deserves.

I remember when I thought things were so hard and I would never make it through,  I thought I would never recover.  And today I smile.  I smile because I am truly proud of myself.  I am proud of the person I have fought to become”**

WOW! I love those words.  When she truly began to love herself she was “proud of herself”.  That’s a good feeling.  Its not selfish to love yourself, its not selfish to take care of yourself and to be proud of the fact that you have actually make it to that level of self love.

My mission statement for #LoveU by bossLadyBLOOMS is ...it is ok to put yourself first in your own life,


so how blown away was I when I read this statement in the book  “Your full time mission is to find self love”**….I love it.   Whats that saying about like minds thinking alike♥..???

I hope to finish this book within the next few weeks and will share my thoughts of it with you.  If you read it or are reading it and finish it before I do, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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** Italicized statements are from the book The Self Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser.

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Work on YOU Wednesday 💜

Today is the halfway point of my summer vacation. Other than rest, both mentally and physically, I have not done a whole lot of things this summer….and I’m perfectly ok with that.  I have been writing down some of the things I like to do to recharge. I edited this calendar and decided to share it with my BLOOMers.


Take care of yourself this summer. Stay hydrated. Use sun screen.  Rest…..and ENJOY!!!

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