Roland U.S. Social Media Policy

With the rapid growth and evolving applications of social media—including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.—Roland Corporation U.S. has created guidelines for its employees who use these avenues, either in a personal capacity or as part of their job. These guidelines have been developed to help our employees participate in this new and evolving form of communication in a manner that is not only consistent with the company’s expectations, but also with the quality and customer service that has made the Roland brand what it is today.

Basic Guidelines

In managing any official Roland social media account, our employees observe all laws and follow a comprehensive internal policy. To keep up with the rapidly changing nature of social media, we review and revise this policy on an ongoing basis.

Employees are also expected to follow this internal policy when engaging in any social media activities on their own personal time.

Some of the basic tenets of this policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Always follow Roland’s business ethics policies—Correct ethical and legal conduct is critical to the operation of Roland. In all matters, the highest professional standards must be practiced in every company-related activity by all of its employees.
  • Use good judgment and respect others—Roland expects its employees to use good judgment and respect others in all situations.
  • Identify yourself—When an employee posts about Roland, its people, products and services, competitors, and/or other business-related matters, they must identify themself as a Roland employee, and never hide their identity for the purpose of promoting Roland through social media. Employees are also encouraged to use disclaimers where appropriate.
  • Respect Roland’s competitors—In writing about a competitor, employees must be sure that the information is factual, accurate, and does not disparage the competitor. They are also instructed to avoid unproductive, inflammatory discussions about Roland’s competitors.
  • Be aware of liability—Employees understand that they are legally responsible for what they post online, and can be held liable for commentary deemed to be proprietary, copyrighted, defamatory, libelous, or obscene.

For Customers

Because of the casual, fluid nature of social media, information you read about Roland on social media sites should not necessarily be regarded as official announcements or observations. For authorized announcements, news releases, and product information, please visit

If you have any questions about Roland’s social media policies, please contact us at