Gigcaster Series



Audio Streaming Mixers for Musicians

The BOSS Gigcaster lineup brings you powerful audio command centers purpose-built for musicians who livestream and create audio and video content. Each model delivers a range of professional sound tools, music playback functions, and mixing features in a single desktop hub. Stream directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and other popular platforms via USB. Or use Gigcaster offline to develop high-quality creative content for distribution on social media and music streaming services.


The All-in-One Audio Mixing Solution

Livestreaming, podcasting, and audio/video content creation are essential to building your brand and promoting your music online. The Gigcaster series eliminates hassles with connecting multiple pieces of audio gear, giving you everything you need for pro results in one convenient desktop interface.


Designed for Music Creators

Drawing on decades of BOSS expertise, each Gigcaster model offers an advanced array of features that make content creation easier than ever. Multiple input channels allow you to connect a guitar or bass, mics, and electronic instruments, while the wide selection of premium BOSS amps and effects deliver polished, ready-to-go sound. A vivid color touchscreen, hands-on hardware, pad trigger functions, and more provide quick-access live control. And with the integrated USB audio interface, you can use Gigcaster with all your favorite music production and livestreaming software.

Your Everyday Creative Partner

Gigcaster supports your creative ambitions across a variety of applications.

Solo Shredding

Plug a guitar or bass into the front-panel jack and show off your skills with amps and effects ported from the flagship GT-1000.

Jamming with Friends

Deliver expanded performances with live inputs for XLR mics, keyboards, and other instruments.

Content Builder

Speed up your workflow with the intuitive UI, color touch display, versatile audio mixing, and premium sound processing.

Online Lessons

Teach with record-quality sound and engage with remote students via USB audio.


Mix multiple mics. Process voices with broadcast-quality sound tools and fun transformer effects. And trigger theme music, sound effects, and more.

Music Production

Use Gigcaster as a multi-channel audio interface and latency-free effects processor for capturing streams and building songs in a DAW.


The Tools You Need, at Your Fingertips

Gigcaster delivers everything you need to broadcast your music to the world. Connect instruments and mics, load up backing tracks, and play music from your phone. Route audio sources from your computer via USB. Then mix them all together as you perform with the smartly designed interface and premium 32-bit/48 kHz sound.


Express your creativity with connections for all types of instruments and mics.


Deliver inspired performances with zero distractions, thanks to the free-flowing UI.


Present content on all your channels with the professional sound quality it deserves.


Shape and Control Your Sound

Use the powerful effects preset library to quickly access studio-grade processing for any connected source. Call up amps and effects for guitar and bass from the GT-1000, vocal and harmony effects from the VE series, and console effects for other instruments. Customizable pads allow you to trigger sounds and change up effects with a touch, and there’s also extensive support for hands-free control via footswitches and expression pedals.

Gigcaster Series

Streaming Ease

With Gigcaster’s color touch display, hands-on controls, and smooth workflow, it’s simple to perform complicated streaming tasks using nothing but the hardware. Mix sources with faders and mute buttons, view signal levels on screen, and access a deep selection of sound and routing tools with intuitive touch control.

Gigcaster Series

Unrivaled Connectivity

Gigcaster offers the most versatile I/O in its class, with pro instrument and mic inputs, Bluetooth® audio, dedicated monitor and headphones outputs, and a multi-channel USB interface.

Choose Your Model

Gigcaster comes in two configurations to suit your workflow needs.