Pedalboard Solutions


Pedalboard Revolution

The world of effects pedals really started to expand in the early 1970s, launching a new era of creative exploration for guitarists. Soon, top touring players and session musicians began commissioning elaborate custom-built rigs to house their effects, and the concept of the modern pedalboard was born. But for the average player, an affordable, off-the-shelf option was virtually non-existent for many years.

That all changed in 1982 when BOSS introduced the BCB-6, a user-configurable pedalboard for the masses. This breakthrough product featured an innovative molded design that was both the board and carrying case, and allowed guitarists to incorporate six compact pedals—plus the new BOSS TU-12 tuner, another milestone product—in an integrated, ready-to-play package.

Adopted by countless players in the decades since, BCB pedalboards have continued to evolve to meet their changing needs. The latest BCB lineup is our most versatile and diverse to date, providing trusted BOSS solutions for modern pedal setups and musicians on the move.

Top-Quality Cables for Your Music

Engineered for exceptional tone, the growing BOSS cable range ensures that you always sound your best. For instrument and amp connections, choose from our wide selection of durable, heavy-duty cables with flexible braided jackets. And for your pedalboard, check out our award-winning solderless solutions, plus space-saving pancake patch cables and MIDI cables with innovative multi-directional connectors.

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Less Tap Dancing, More Playing

With an ES-series programmable loop switcher, you have complete control of your effects system while maintaining your pristine analog signal path. Save pedal combinations and switch them on/off with one button, instantly re-route your signal chain without pulling your board apart, send MIDI, control channel switching on your amp, and much more.

If you want to combine your core pedals with the firepower of a multi-effects unit, the small-and-mighty MS-3 could be the perfect fit. With three audio loops to integrate your must-have stompboxes, 100-plus onboard BOSS effects, MIDI, and amp control functionality, the MS-3 keeps your pedalboard compact without stifling your creativity.

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Total Wireless Freedom

Are you ready to make the jump and leave cables behind? Go cable-free today with our class-leading, ultra-low latency wireless systems! There's something in our wireless range for every player, from the plug-and-play simplicity of the WL-20 and pedalboard-friendly WL-50 to the flagship WL-60 and its pro-level feature set.

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A Tuner for Every Stage

In 1998, BOSS once again created a new industry standard with the TU-2, the first compact pedal tuner. This landmark product evolved with the release of the TU-3 in 2009, bringing a vibrant, high-resolution tuning display, +/-1 cent accuracy, and other great enhancements. The TU-3 and its predecessor have graced countless pedalboards and stages around the globe, and are arguably the most recognizable pedal tuners in the world.

In addition to the TU-3, the current BOSS tuner lineup includes a variety of solutions to meet different needs, from the premium Waza Craft TU-3W and space-saving TU-3S pedal tuners to clip-on models and tuner/metronome combos.

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Creative Control at Your Feet

Footswitches, expression, volume—we've got it all. Whether you want to change channels on your amp, add a tap tempo switch to your delay pedal, or create hands-free ambient volume swells, our roadworthy, reliable foot controllers are the perfect complements to your setup.

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A Pedal for Any Occasion

Do you need a drive pedal to form the foundation of your tone, a phaser to add pulsating movement, or a wild guitar synth sound to push the boundaries of your music? Whatever sound you're looking for, you'll find it in one of the 50-plus models in our legendary compact pedal lineup.

Want to dive a deeper while still keeping things simple? The 200 series hits the spot, combining sophisticated sounds and preset memories with straightforward interfaces. And for complete command over every aspect of your sound, the 500 series delivers the pinnacle of advanced customization and control.

Once you've crafted your tone, a bright red BOSS Loop Station is a must-have for practice and jamming, creating soundscapes, and overdubbing your way to new levels of inspiration. From simple one-button loopers to multi-track, MIDI-controllable powerhouses, Loop Stations are truly the industry standard.

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Supercharge Your Rig

Sometimes you need an all-in-one pedal that's up to the challenge no matter what you throw at it. GT-1000CORE is that pedal, taking the dynamic, touch-responsive AIRD amp modeling and 140-plus effects from the flagship GT-1000 and shrinking them down into a compact form factor that fits on nearly any pedalboard, including the latest BOSS BCB models.

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